You are woken by the sound of a door being forced open. Footsteps faintly echo from the main hall.

Have the undead begun to awaken? Is it time to perform your guardian duties and put the undead at rest?


You must gather the four elemental crystals and take them to the cemetery. The first crystal is nearby at the top of Windy Peak. Follow the winding path outside behind the monastery. Watch out for undead.


The green gem menu on your belt buckle can be used to open the How to Play panel in game.

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A game by Kevin Millar.

Designed for Google Cardboard VR. Available now for Android.

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How To Play


Automatic walking is one option to move around the world. It moves at a fairly slow but predictable walking speed and is a good way to get comfortable with moving around.


Walking can be enabled and disabled in two ways:

The first is from the green gem menu which is opened by using the trigger action button while aiming at the middle of your belt buckle. There you will see the Auto Walk option.

The second is by using the trigger action button while looking forwards with your spell book closed. Each trigger action button press will toggle Auto Walk on and off.


Your spell book can be opened by looking down at the spell book on your left hip and using the trigger action button.

Select a spell by looking at a spell icon and use the trigger action button to activate it. The activated spell can be cast unlimited times until you select another.

Cast the active spell by looking forwards in the target direction and then use the trigger action button to cast.


The Teleport spell can be used to quickly travel in the direction you are facing.

The Fireball spell can be used to fight undead.

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