Squab Record 2

A pidgeon breeding database application. An app by Kevin Millar.

Available for Windows .NET platform and Mono project on Linux and Mac.

Download Squab Record (32 bit) | Download Squab Record (64 bit)

Getting Started

Download the 32 or 64 bit zip file depending on your Operating System.

Double click the downloaded zip file to decompress the file. Once decompressed, you should see a SquabRecord2 folder. You can drag and drop the folder to anywhere on your computer. For example, you could put it on your Desktop or in your Documents.

Double click the SquabRecord2 app executable file to begin using the app. You can create a shortcut to the app and place it on your Desktop for quick access.

You can copy the SquabRecord2 folder to an external disk/USB drive to make simple backups. Only the SquabDatabase.s3db file needs to be backed up, but it will not hurt to backup the other files also. I recommend closing the app before doing so to ensure any changes are saved.

The database is an SQLite version 3 database.

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This app is not currently in development and is free to use. It has not been tested on the latest Operating Systems, so i can't guarantee that it will still work. I last tested it on Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux 12.

I will consider making a new version for tablets if there is enough interest. Android most likely, but possibly iPad and Windows tablets.

If you like the app then feel free to show support using the form below, or alternatively send me an email. I have an ABN and can provide an invoice/receipt if necessary.

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